Fair Weathered Friends…Me and my forklift!

Baby It’s Cold Outside! We are in the midst of a Polar Vortex. That sounds so cool, but as near I can tell it means that all the cold air that belongs in the Arctic shifts itself to where I’m at. This is bad! I might be mostly Scandinavian, but I like it warm! All my nice warm air went up to the North Pole. This is problematic on many levels. First of all, if it gets too cold the grape buds freeze that contain next year’s crop; that’s bad for everyone who loves to drink wine. Secondly, it makes living here and working outside really miserable, which is bad.

Cat and I wanted to do some barrel work on my paved front yard, but the forklift wouldn’t budge on the ice. We ended up, going old school, and siphoning and topping with a pitcher. Took us all day! Turns out that smooth tired forklifts are fair-weather vehicles. I never thought I would say this, but it looks like forklifts and I have something in common.

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